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The highly flexible laboratory concept offers almost unlimited variability. The constant supply and distribution of media trough the ceiling installation contributes to achieving total flexibility. Partion walls, laboratory furniture and all supplied utilities are characterized by a mobile structure and can easily be interchanged.


Features of the RL7 system:


– maximum use of the workspace
– precise delivery of all media using mobile channels
– adaptation of installation channels by laboratory staff
– does not interfere with technological lifts
– provides a simple system upgrade and minimizes its costs


Laboratory cabinets and cupboards

Cabinet with a full door

Glazed cabinet

Open cabinet

cabinet fitted with a pulled-out PP tray

a cabinet doo permanently jonted with the basseboard

a cabinet with an integrates large bin

a cabinet with an integrated bin, pulled-out each time the door is opened

Cargo cupboard

Cupboard with glazed door

Ventilated cupboard

Cupboard with full door

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