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Renggli company was established in 1927 as a Swiss family enterprise. The Company is the leader on Swiss and Austrian market and one of the top laboratory furniture manufactures in the remaining European countries.



Due to rapid development of the company in 2013 its branch was opened in Poland. In Bialystok there is not only the commercial department with a qualified team of advanced plants of its kind in this part of the Europe with over 40 employees.


Renggli designs and equips the most advanced research, industry, medical and science laboratories. Competent staff, world-wide range of business, countless completed projects and obtained references proves that Renggli is a reliable partner in the field of specialized furniture production.


Our biggest advantages

Capacity and professional advisory

Our experts are always ready to help in all possible aspects of laboratory design. They can fulfill all tall orders concerning norms, safety and law.

Planning and engineering

Our specialists are available and ready to conduct whole project. They can even take some of the construction work in order to perfectly accommodate into customers demands.

System cometentions

We are not only laboratory furniture systems producer and supplier but also we are laboratory equipment supplier. Moreove, we offer complex service in field of consultancy, planning manufacturing, installation, rectification and maintenance.